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Madagascar Vanilla

Our vision & mission

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Madagascar Vanille Sarlu is on a journey through the flourishing green fields of Madagascar, enriching traditions laced with color, a love for family and the spell binding aroma of Madagascar cuisine.

Vanilla manufacturer

Our vision
is to become a world-leading vanilla & Spice company with a revolutionary product that popularizes the concept of having clean and healthy food while giving back to the “Malagasy society.”
At Madagascar Vanille, we believe that ‘FOOD’ is an important part of our lives and plays a pivotal role in uniting people through taste and tradition whereby consumer can gather with their loved ones and rejoice in delicious, authentic delights regardless of geographic presence. We strive to bring families together through innovative food products embraced by millions in Madagascar and across the globe. Our expertise lies in creating the perfect blend of spices that help you prepare delicious and authentic meals with ease.
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Vanilla bio

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Our company

supports farmers

with continuous ethical and sustainable farming methods while providing their children with education & having access to knowledge. We have an ongoing financial scheme for our employees whom we consider as our own family.

At our warehousing and processing facility in Sambava, we employ a team of highly skilled vanilla “designers & curators” who are well-experienced in the Sava region and whom have lived the “generational transit” of the vanilla farming.

Madagascar vanille - The unique flavour

Madagascar Vanille Sarlu is an equal opportunities employer.

“Our clients believes in not only buying the best with us but also having a sense of belongingness to contribute towards enhancing the smiles of thousands of children in Madagascar.”